Sunday, April 12, 2009

Introspection Is The Last Thing To Be Found At The Gynecologist!

I exchanged pleasentries with a butcher blade
it made extra lines on my hands with its narrow shade
I wrapped my shirt in seaweed
and said I couldnt swalllow

You left me in a yesterdaze
on the crewcut carpet inthe sushi place
when you come back ill still be here
picking from my teeth the tomor-roe


  1. WWUU

    Raggity-Ann; a dead pan.
    Made me into a woman.
    Who were you? A sailor? A turtle hero?

    I'm extending this welcome to be what you will be,
    Not what you pre-meditated at age 3

    A day in a life of a brain, with your own brain
    One screw holding in place an entire train,
    Moisture in a cloud soon to be rain.

    Whose who in a giant world made for two?

    Why is it so hard to be all-one (alone)?
    Even shoes come as two, underwear is always more than two, feet and eyes are pairs of two and everything divides by two

    But maybe one; like a tongue (it's singled out)
    but symmetry could make it two.

    exclaim! exclaim!
    Talent came
    from a trimmed-bang MANE!
    Brunette duvet, for a blue veined

  3. My head is in a yesterhaze, my eyes are in a yestergaze. I'm stuck in a yestermaze.

    Today begins a yestercraze!


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