Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Did You Know That You Were A Halo?

Turn Off My Clothes
Turn My Skin Into

Ive Been Dumb
Beside Your Body,

"People Fall In Love
With Actions Not Words."


  1. Not like yesterday - this is numbers counting down,
    Standing in transit, the one with all the emotional Luis Vuitton luggage baggage,
    Bundling up your own thoughts in mass quantities for some lucky soul to buy at Costco.

    When you turned to look the other way
    The tree bent it's branch with help from the wind
    and told you to take care of yourself, to do your nails, to brush you hair, to remove the toe jam you amounted and store it to adore.

    Can these words really mask how you feel?
    Is the dictionary like make-up you wear to the mall?
    Do you make up your feelings on the spot?

    Will you let us all be around you?
    Will your comfort comfort us?
    Will you ever let lose your pet rat?

    Let me feel your forehead.
    I think you've understood yourself better before.

    Can there be too much feeling?
    Will the sky become crowded with clouds?

    Its an eight on the gray scale from one to ten.
    Could you stand to eat the French fries if I spat them out and you were starving?

    I hear the doorbell, brb

  2. Did sand get under your fingernails after you left this method of hyperreal numbers?
    you filled my thermos with credibility,
    I mentioned what I knew
    about improper integrals.

    Do you remember standing like flamingos?
    strands of shag, between our big toes and index toes,
    You must!

    Will you weave the fibers together?
    The Infinity sign of puke?
    Place it in the spicebox next to thyme(or absence of it)?

    Your'e a sea worthy vessel.Let me put my hand on your gills
    Let me check you for leaks(its ok I laughed just as hard)


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