Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Theoretical Right Angels/Angles


I vigorously rubbed my canvas shoe in time with the rhythm section of a Syl Johnson song,I kept my head down to retain some sort of confidence.This had been the very same place I got the rugburn with the scab akin to a 1dollar bouncing ball,This had been the very same place you stood arms akimbo flashing me feckless bedroom eyes...Trotting out cliches is something we all do.

He was chewing his fingernails,a portion of his mouth was sectioned off for the clippings..Stacked like keratin enriched firewood.With his hands held up to a television each finger resembled a mountain range, peaks and valleys carved out of nothing, acts of god....Or in this case acts of Todd as his name tag displayed.

A Rumour Of Wigs

Let it drip from your nose in the shower
cup it and see how it has congealed
isnt it the most beautiful siamese fighting fish you've ever seen?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Creams Of Scissors And Tubes

yes we can split the onion rings
ill drape the napkin over your thighs
lets write the things we'd never dream of saying with the grease on the placemat.

yes we can pull off the battered flesh
ill drape it over your knuckles
your hair starving and dirty,reminds me of a horticulturist,
skin removed our plate holds earthworms,
Till the transparent topsoil.

while I spread rumours
about myself to the waitress.

You can Jaun-dice or you can jaun-dat.

we clasped fluoresecent hands. I dont remember for how long and I dont remember why, all that comes to mind is the humming, it settled me, coating the lining of my stomach with elevator music.

"Sometimes I think of your hair as a meadow."

"No you dont."

our hands had lit up the ground , we saw ants scurrying away....pieces of candy with a thorax.

"I really do!!! Then I think of my tongue seperating itself into 4 segments, id run it through your hair, they'd be garder snakes you know?

she drew in the dirt an image of what was just described along with a pellucid flow that stopped just above my ears.

"Thats my spit, I was kind of thinking it would be the stream near the meadow."

The realization hit me just then, i'd been the only one with a fluoresecent hand, she merely had jaundice....still I hung the portrait she'd painted in my cerebellum, next to the chesterfield within the granular layer.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Nubile Nobility
Restricting my mobility
imprint from where her seams were
with trees tied like a turnaquit

She moans in soliloquy
depicting my ability
to trace hebrew sandscript between her
LEGS, I cant count the times you've convulsed around you celestial spheres

I'd get you to bind me so you can be my typist
your cadence was welcome, when all I could click was populist.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Forrest Gump Reference # 1111

Perched on the starched peak of DW Griffiths Ideology, you had been calling our friends carpetbaggers all week, I had just assumed you were on your minstrel cycle.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

FLOOR-Al Pattern Baldness

with wife deeply rooted in domestic life
gingham twirls and spills, you pirouette out of sight
a dry kiss preceeds,the dry reply
from a churlish mouth biting a leathery hide

is this why you let me unstich your hemlines
with my eyes?

is this whay I let you pitch your voice?
so it bendsaround my sides?

Show Me Those Awkward Portraits

Latvia,Brazil,Manitoba, my hair mimmicked all these boarders on my sweat speckled forehead.I parted my hair to the right where they all maysoon stand ideologically.I caught a glimspe of you as I hurled towardsthe afghan,with vaporized air for legs, boots 4 sizes too largebody straight/semetrical, It took a moment of terror to realizethat you still hadn't moved on from dreams, A lapse into dreaming to realize you'd moved so far that i'd never be able to lasooo what spills out of your ducts,mouth,pores again.

Spinning Toe Hold

You said our facial hair made us the lucha libres of the pacific northwest,I put my hand against my cheekbone for a second working out the distance to Guadalhara from here...nestlings interupted my thought with their castratti chirping.


Ostracize my colostomy bag not me!.(not pictured) custom shaped to atleast retain a smallll sense of creativity in wake of partial colon removal,fecal matter and urine collect to form a swaying----------fluttering scene. Am I watchinggggg you catch the leaves in your teeth? crunching down, sounding like lettuce feeling like dry skin.The bag might be hermetic but im not.

You're ubiquitous, I saw your house address on the back of my costco card, your scent was in a box of scarves at a yard sale,your dental hygiene was the before photo in middle eastern friend's textbook,The clicking sounds your knees makes while jogging were the castanets in that fusions bands performance, the.....................................

" How do I work the camera.?

"Click the button on the top right, press hard sometimes it sticks."

"How will I know if it took the picture?

"It should make a buzzing noise."

"There perfect...........I should probably help you with your bag soon, you look a little lopsided."


With useless tasks left to perform and fingerprints intrenched on my transparent plastic waste receptacle, I knew that for the time being I had you firmly grasped in my vice grip of femur.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Fucking Gratitude!

My Memory is foggy now, though I think it was around the time I realized Oakleys had gone out of style or after the 11th time i'd been punched that I realized this had been a poor choice of haircuts......Still I dare you to find a man who has had more girls makeout with the base of their neck.

Quack Of An Abortionist

sometimes I imagine your beauty marks connect to form an oragami crane
id trace the outside jealous of your bodies geometric folds and crease patterns
knowing I wouldnt breakorbend the wings
id press palmfirst into you
hoping we might take flight
into sheets that ignore
the Mathmatics of paper folding