Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ostracize my colostomy bag not me!.(not pictured) custom shaped to atleast retain a smallll sense of creativity in wake of partial colon removal,fecal matter and urine collect to form a swaying----------fluttering scene. Am I watchinggggg you catch the leaves in your teeth? crunching down, sounding like lettuce feeling like dry skin.The bag might be hermetic but im not.

You're ubiquitous, I saw your house address on the back of my costco card, your scent was in a box of scarves at a yard sale,your dental hygiene was the before photo in middle eastern friend's textbook,The clicking sounds your knees makes while jogging were the castanets in that fusions bands performance, the.....................................

" How do I work the camera.?

"Click the button on the top right, press hard sometimes it sticks."

"How will I know if it took the picture?

"It should make a buzzing noise."

"There perfect...........I should probably help you with your bag soon, you look a little lopsided."


With useless tasks left to perform and fingerprints intrenched on my transparent plastic waste receptacle, I knew that for the time being I had you firmly grasped in my vice grip of femur.

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